Time-wasting websites to end your summer

By Katherine Klingseis, katherine.klingseis@iowastatedaily.com

You won’t have much time to waste when classes are back in session. So, why not take the opportunity to waste your time now? Here are five websites to help you do just that.

5. Cracked.com

The best aspect of Cracked.com is most of its content is formatted in lists. People like lists — they’re easy to read. Why do you think I wrote this article in a list format?

Cracked.com has also gotten into posting photos and videos. So, if you are a more visual person or are just too lazy to read, check out Cracked.com’s photos and videos.

The other great aspect of Cracked.com is its diversity in content. If you can’t find something that interests you on the website, you’re not looking hard enough.

If you don’t find something you like on the website, which I find highly unlikely, send your own content to Cracked.com. According to its website, editors at Cracked.com will look at your stories, photos, videos, etc., and will put them on their website and pay you if they like them.

4. Failblog.com

Failing sucks. No one likes to fail, unless you are a masochist, in which case, fail away. But, if you are like most humans, failing is something you try to avoid as much as taking a shower in a public locker room with no shoes.

However, there will come a time in your life when you do in fact fail. To make light of the situation and to bandage your emotional wounds, check out Failblog.com to see ways in which other people have failed.

I guarantee some of the failures on the site will be much worse than the failures you made. In the case your failure is on par with the failures on the website, you should share your failure. From what I’ve heard, misery loves company. So you should let your failure story join its brethren on Failblog.com.

3. Howdoiputthisgently.tumblr.com

Tumblr sites are often hit or miss, but Howdoiputthisgently is a gem.

Each post on Howdoiputthisgently has text and then a .gif that corresponds to the text. The posts are often dealing with college life in a humorous way. According to the information at the top of the blog, Howdoiputthisgently is run by a graduate student, which explains the topics of the posts.

Not all of the posts may be funny to you, of course. So, if you don’t find the first post funny, don’t give up on the blog. Check out the rest of the posts, and you’ll find something that will make you giggle. If you can’t, make your own Tumblr and post things that make you laugh. Just don’t make a Tumblr with techno music and cats. The world can only handle so many of those.

2. Mashable.com

My nerdiness becomes evident with how much I frequent Mashable.com, a website dedicated to all things social media, technology and the Internet. There are articles about other topics, but the majority of the content on Mashable.com is about those three topics I previously listed.

The reason I put Mashable.com on this list is because I think my interests align with the interests of many other college students. Having an interest in social media, technology or the Internet no longer really classifies you as a “nerd.” In fact, I think most college students are interested in at least one of those topics.

Reading Mashable.com lets you stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the technology, social media and Internet spheres. For those who are casually interested in those topics, take some time to peruse through the content on Mashable.com. For fellow tech geeks like me, bookmark the site and make sure to visit daily, if not more frequently.

1. Sporcle.com

When classes start in a few weeks, you’ll be learning information that you will then be tested on. In some classes, that information will not be very interesting, and you may decide to play “Angry Birds” instead of taking notes in task. In those classes, you also may not do very well on tests.

So, to prepare for those low test scores, you should take some tests you may actually do well on. That’s where Sporcle.com comes in.

Sporcle is a website filled with quizzes on a variety of different topics. Can you name all of the countries in Europe? Do you know all of the characters in Harry Potter? Can you recite all of the NFL teams? These are only a few of the quizzes offered on Sporcle.

I recommend playing Sporcle with friends. You’ll be able to bond over trying to list all of Pixar’s movies or every Disney villain. If you don’t know an answer, search for it on Google. This will only further the time you waste on the Internet.

(Posted originally on Iowastatedaily.com on Aug. 9, 2012)

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