The Energy Between

You and I are quarks.

We’re subatomic particles,

Never found alone,

Have to be with another.

When you pull us apart,

The bond between us grows stronger;

We snap together with such ferocity,

Heaps of energy buzz between us.

The more I try to ignore it,

The more it sparks in my mind.

What I’ve failed to mention is:

When quarks do break apart,

They instantly find another quark to join.

Maybe that’s why you’re with her.

Maybe I’m not a quark at all.

Life on a tightrope

We spend our lives on a tightrope.

One side is dying without finding your purpose;

The other side is finding it and ending your quest of discovery too soon.

The problem is we often lean over too far,

Grasping at possible answers.

We do this because we think we need a purpose to continue walking.

We forget the reason we’re walking is because we don’t have a purpose,

The reason we haven’t fallen is because we don’t have a purpose.