Ethics code

I will strive to help rid the world of falsehood by dedicating my life to finding out the truth. Furthermore, I will pursue and tell the truth fairly and without bias, disregarding the temptation to act in accordance to my beliefs or opinions. I will also treat those I interview with respect, and will be accountable to my readers. In summary, I will be dedicated to acting ethically and following this ethics code no matter the circumstances. My actions will thus be guided by this ethics code.

As a journalist, I will be a combatant of deceit and lies. Since the world is so saturated with falsehoods, I will be kept busy — I will likely have to weed through mounds of lies in order to find the pebbles of truth. While searching for the truth, I must also remember why I am doing it: because the public has the right to know the truth.

I my career, I will pursue and report the truth in the interest of the public’s right to know — I will never lose sight of that. Before reporting any facts, I will check to make sure the facts are accurate and not distorted. Additionally, I will never plagiarize or make up quotes or information. I will also attempt to give a voice to the voiceless and report on people and events other news outlets may miss. Finally, I will report on all events and opinions, even if they are unpopular — the truth is the truth.

Journalists have tremendous power, and with that power, also have great responsibilities. I will accept and relish in the responsibilities I have as a journalist. I will be responsible in my reporting, writing, editing and all other actions relating to my work, making sure I accurately, objectively and completely tell my stories.

Furthermore, I will be accountable for my words and actions. When I make mistakes, I will take responsibility. I will do this by connecting with readers and listening to their comments, concerns and criticisms. I will then correct the mistakes in a transparent fashion.

I will tell all stories accurately, completely and objectively. I will do this by approaching all stories without preconceived notions or prerogatives. In doing such, I will seek out diverse sources and speak respectfully to all of them.

In order to maintain fairness, I will avoid conflicts of interest, including not joining associations or organizations that may be danger my perceived or actual objectivity. When conflicts of interest arise, I will let them be known. Furthermore, I will not accept gifts, favors or anything else from sources.

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